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Environmental Science Workshops

Peanuts…Naturally encourages kids to get in touch with their natural surroundings through hands-on activity centers that provide practical advice on how individuals can be good environmental stewards in their own communities.

Admission is FREE to these walk-in interative workshops.

All activities are located in the Masonic Building, 1331 Main Street, Ground Floor in St. Helena.(across the street from the Cameo

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FOC Science Weekend

The Wheel of Life - Zoetropes

The zoetrope, or wheel of life, is a modern variation to a simple Victorian toy. When the separate images are viewed in the quickly-turning zoetrope, it creates an illusion of a moving image. The materials contain a pattern and a blank template so that children can produce their own animations. This activity helps children to investigate vision and light. 

Peanuts, Naturally


FOC Science Weekend

Fizzy Rocket Launch

You will love that these rockets are made with materials that you probably already have in your kitchen cupboards and your craft box. As you will see, some rocket science really isn’t all that difficult. Create the several different types of chemistry then launch your rocket into space! 

Peanuts, Naturally


NEW Location

Think Smart - Think Green

Our planet is an amazing place. It is important that we take care of it. We use art and science to remind us to include reduce, reuse and recycle in our daily lives.


Peanuts, Naturally


FOC Science Weekend

Cloudy with a Chance of…Water Cycles

The water cycle is important to all life on earth for many reasons. All living organisms require water and the water cycle describes the process of how water moves through the planet. Make your own water cycle bracelet, created to visually represent the different water cycles that create the ecosystems around us.

Peanuts, Naturally


FOC Science Weekend

Dig Your Past - Dinosaur Tables

See how science and art work together as we search for and document the history of our planet. Use our toolkit to excavate our sand tables in search of the long-buried remains of our ‘dinosaurs’ remains.

Peanuts, Naturally


FOC Science Weekend

Star Light, Star Bright - Constellation Viewers

Basically, we love all things astronomy; we've had an actual astronomer at the Cameo to talk about constellations so this is right up our (Milky) way.  Kids will hear about some popular constellations and their history then create our crafty constellation viewers.  Super simple, but lots of fun. Kids love it.

Peanuts, Naturally


NEW Location

Naturalist Art Adventure

The curl of a chameleon's tail or the spiral of a pinecone's scales have the power to catch your eye and spark your imagination. Use these incredible visual structures as inspiration to create your personal art projects. 

Peanuts, Naturally

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