Each year we create four events featuring handcrafted 'cinemabites' from noted Napa Valley Chefs, paired with films that explore the world of food and wine, from fine dining to farm-to-table to food truck cuisine. Legendary Napa Valley wines compliment your meal. Proceeds benefit the St. Helena Farmers' Market and the Cameo's educational programs


Guest: Director Elizabeth Carroll

September 30, 2019  |  5:00 PM

James Beard Award-winning author and feisty nonagenarian Diana Kennedy reflects on a life dedicated to the vibrant cuisines of Mexico.


Diana is widely considered the world's academic expert on Mexican cuisine, with nine cookbooks, two James Beard Awards, and hundreds of awards and accolades for her work. 

At 94, she has a youthful spirit and energy. People often refer to her as the Julia Child of Mexico, but Diana prefers an edgier given title: "the Mick Jagger of Mexican Cooking". More culinary anthropologist than typical chef, Diana has traveled many times over to every state and region of Mexico, extensively researching and documenting the ingredients and dishes of each area.

Featuring classics of Mexican cuisine from Ray Ray's Tacos, Napa-style white wine Sangria, and local artisanal brews.    MORE >